W2V Brings a New and Powerful Revenue Stream to Amdocs

Recently, we showed the extraordinary versatility of our WAY2VAT platform, with a successful, fully-automated implementation for Amdocs.
Check out the great feedback we received from the company’s General Manager of Operations!
“WAY2VAT provided us with a comprehensive end-to-end VAT solution that is complementary to our existing ERP/SAP T&E system. We started with a pilot and are currently implementing the WAY2VAT solution throughout the entire company – across different geographical regions. WAY2VAT’s SaaS cloud-based solution gives us a fully-automated VAT reclaim process, transparency and reporting capabilities – with the ability to track and monitor our employees’ expense reporting… from A to Z. Best of all, the WAY2VAT platform has brought us signiÖcant revenues for our VAT reclaims.”