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Amplify Life Insurance – Helping people build wealth through life insurance.

Amplify has created a unique digital brokerage platform that simplifies access to ‘The Rich Person’s Roth’. This platform offers America’s mass affluent consumers access to tax-free wealth-generation products wrapped in what is known as Permanent Life Insurance. Through an AI-driven targeting engine, Amplify has overcome the acquisition challenges akin to consumer SaaS, successfully reaching one of America’s most sought-after consumer sectors.


Atidot – Helping life insurers become data-driven companies

Atidot is a cloud-based, big data platform that helps life insurers measure and proactively manage risks of new and existing members. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics, Atidot’s platform extracts and normalizes unstructured data from insurers’ legacy systems, enriches the dataset with external open source data, and utilizes new modeling tools to extract valuable insights. Selected as ‘Cool Vendor 2019 in Insurance’ by Gartner, Atidot’s platform is used by industry leaders such as Pacific Life and Guardian Life.

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binah.ai – Healthcare and wellness for everyone, everywhere.

Binah.ai’s Health Data Platform is an AI-powered, video-based, 100% software solution that easily integrates into any app or workflow to allow measurement of a wide range of health parameters, using devices that end-users already possess such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

By simply looking at the device’s camera, users can measure a wide variety of health parameters in under one minute and obtain a personal wellness score.

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Espresa – Workplace and work-from-home employee engagement program

Espresa is the first all-in-one platform that makes heroes out of HR and People Teams. With Espresa, HR teams can easily create and track virtual employee meetings, meetups, office hour slots, multi-track events, and gym schedules while monitoring attendance and fiscal data.
Espresa’s Culture Benefits® Platform engages employees at home, in the office, and on-the-go, delivers an immersive employee experience, and creates an inclusive workplace powered by wellbeing, community, and recognition.


Farther – Comprehensive wealth management for ensuring your prosperity now, and far into the future.

Farther is a new kind of financial institution: combining expert advisors and cutting-edge technology to deliver a comprehensive, personalized client experience.

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FlexCharge – No more payment declines

Over 50% of shoppers abandon their cart when they experience a payment decline. Our technology removes this point of friction as, when a payment is declined, instead of showing a payment failure message, we allow shoppers to complete the purchase. We guarantee merchants the payment and charge shoppers the amount due at a later stage, with no additional fees. Shoppers are happy and merchants increase their sales.


Gaviti – Streamlining the collection process

Designed for collection teams, Gaviti can convert data from old, new, outdated, industry-specific, and even customer ERP applications into a standard format, optimized for collection analysis and processing. The platform‍ enhances collections performance with features such as payments forecasting, risk scoring, and actionable insights, while offering a centralized and shared workspace for all stakeholders. A cloud-based and ERP agnostic platform, Gaviti allows SMEs to optimize their collection process within one billing cycle.


Hopon – Supporting public transportation of the future

Hopon is creating the next-generation in integrated, fully mobile ticketing solutions. Using state-of-the art wireless mobile payment
and ticket validation technology, Hopon empowers passengers to buy tickets anytime, anywhere, and seamlessly self check-in and out.

Human API

Human API – Turning health data into health intelligence

Human API is a consumer-controlled health data platform that empowers insurance, life sciences, and digital health companies to digitize workflows and deliver seamless customer experiences. With Human API, users can connect their medical data from thousands of hospitals, patient portals, pharmacies, and labs, share it with companies they trust, and fast-track their life insurance application.

Acquired by LexisNexis Risk Solutions

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Insurify – Personalized insurance quotes, in minutes

The highest-ranked insurance quotes comparison marketplace on the internet, Insurify empowers consumers to choose, find, and buy their policy 100% online. Using AI, Insurify matches consumers with a selection of quotes from top-ranked and regional companies, using Insurify’s RateRank™ algorithms to deliver the best and most affordable insurance coverage.

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Jassby – The debit card for families

Jassby is a smart family finance app that leads kids and teenagers to financial literacy. With Jassby, kids can earn allowances in the app, then use their money online or in person with their Jassby debit card. Parents can set spending limits for the card, as well as assign chores and pay allowances.


Neura – Real-time consumer insights for mobile brands

Neura is an AI and ML-based customer engagement platform that empowers mobile brands to adapt to customers’ preferences and needs in real-time. Using Neura’s ability to predict users’ actions in mobile apps, brands can increase engagement, conversion, and retention rates by making the right offer, to the right customer, at the right time.

Acquired by Otonomo

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nSure.ai – AI fraud protection for digital goods

nSure.ai is an advanced fraud prevention platform, focused on protecting sellers of digital goods from high-risk domains such as crypto, fintech, prepaid, gift cards, and gaming. Using tailored auto-ML models that collect and analyze data in real-time, nSure.ai delivers revenue assurance and chargeback guarantees. Compared to the industry average, nSure.ai reduces declines by about 70%, allowing retailers to recapture revenue lost by declining legitimate customers.


Octopai – leading Data Intelligence Platform serving enterprises globally.

Its innovative SaaS solution instantly maps and tracks data assets even in complex, multi-vendor data ecosystems. Octopai has effortless no code, low touch implementation, with out-of-the-box support of over 40 modern and legacy technologies. With Data Lineage XD, an automated data catalog and data discovery, Octopai enables data teams to trust and control their data so the organization can make smarter, quicker decisions.

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Kashable – Low-Cost Loans for Employees

Kashable offers low-cost loans for any purpose. Eligible federal and company-sponsored employees can apply online in minutes and set up automatic repayment via structured payroll deductions.

Kashable is an intelligent option for those looking to tackle expensive debt, cover unexpected expenses, or access an affordable financing option. Kashable provides an instant decision online with funds deposited directly to your bank account within 3 business days from approval.

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Panorays – Automated third-party security management

Panorays’ SaaS-based third-party security risk management platform automates, accelerates and scales companies’ vendor security evaluation and risk management process. With Panorays, companies can quickly and easily manage, mitigate and remediate supplier security, ensure vendor compliance with regulations such as GDPR and NYDFS, reduce breaches, and improve their security across the board.


PayBox – A virtual bank account for groups, teams and communities
PayBox is a digital wallet and social payment network app that makes group payments fun, and offers sourcing money and fundraising from friends, family, and colleagues. Using PayBox, users can easily collect, manage and spend group payments such as group gifts, membership fees, HOA dues, tuition, after-school programs, events, fundraisers and more.
In 2018, PayBox was acquired by Discount Bank, one of Israel’s biggest banks.

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PrettyDamnQuick – Simplifying Shopify’s DTC brands’ delivery logistics for flawless results

PrettyDamnQuick powers flawless customer delivery experiences for Shopify’s fastest growing DTC brands. Trusted by renowned names like Underoutfit, TeriJon, Easyplant, and more, they simplify delivery logistics, making shipping more affordable and ensuring timely arrivals.

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PayZday – Merchant risk assessment made easy

PayZday develops an AI-powered platform that helps credit providers and lenders analyze the risk level of merchants selling on marketplaces. Using unique indicators and datasets, PayZday is able to analyze merchants’ accounts in real time as well as predict the likelihood of any future instability or risky and unlawful activity.


Railsr – New generation of embedded finance experiences

Raislr (formerly Railsbank) is a Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that empowers brands to embed seamless finance experiences such as payments, consumer credit and deposits into customer journeys. Using simple APIs, brands can build and integrate any financial use-case into their customer experience, while securing transactions with real-time compliance montioring and fraud prevention.

Has been restructured, and now named Embedded Finance Ltd


Rest Less – Tailored products, services and platforms for over-50s.

Rest Less is the UK’s fastest growing platform for the over-50s with more than 1 million registered members and a 4.9 star rating on Trustpilot. Rest Less aims to help its members live their best lives through tailored products, services and platforms that help boost their health, wealth and prosperity.

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Rewire – Inclusive financial services platform for international migrant workers

Rewire empowers international workers to manage their finances, helping them create a better, more financially secure future for themselves and their families.

Using innovative technology, Rewire is building the first financial services platform tailored for the unique cross-border needs of migrants worldwide, offering an online application for foreigners to manage their finances in more than one country. Led by values of equality and social good, Rewire is able to include migrants in the financial systems and enable a fair financial system for everyone

Acquired by Remitly

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Rocket Dollar – 21st century investment diversification

Rocket Dollar lets people unlock IRA/401(k) money, keep the tax benefits, and invest in alternative/private assets such as real-estate, crypto, startups, peer-to-peer lending, and small business loans. With customers in all 50 states, Rocket Dollar’s platform makes investing fast, simple, and safe.

Self-Directed IRAs and Solo 401s


Sproutt – Life insurance that rewards healthy living

Sproutt is a life insurance company that loves life, and rewards members who love theirs too. Sproutt uses unique data sets and AI to offer better life insurance terms to customers who lead healthier lifestyles. Applying deep learning models, Sproutt classifies and clusters potential customers on “persona”-based groups, delivering a customer-centric and personalized experience across all stages of the insurance lifecycle.


TipRanks – Leveling the playing field for investors

TipRanks’ multi-award winning platform ranks financial experts and bloggers based on their measured performance and the accuracy of their predictions.

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, TipRanks’ proprietary Financial Accountability Engine™ tracks, analyzes and rates financial forecasts from over 7,000 sources, helping investors know who to trust when making investing decisions.

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Otoma – All-in-one test automation platform

Otoma is transforming the way financial institutions can implement, test, and manage software applications. Using Otoma’s AI-based platform, financial institutions can simplify and accelerate testing of packaged vendor software and industry specific solutions. Offering a unique knowledge base that integrates industry standard formats, banking systems, market interfaces, and transaction-banking use case libraries, Otoma automatically identifies the components and flows of any operating system, generates test scripts and test data, runs the tests and analyzes the results.

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Vyzer – Offers investors a secure platform that delivers clarity, visibility and automation across all their holdings, traditional & alternative, in a single holistic dashboard, with AI-driven, unbiased, honest insights to maximize return.

Vyzer also enables its members to share their actual investment performance (anonymously) with each other, disrupting the private markets by easily sharing information and ranking investment products based on their actual performance.
Vyzer is the only digital wealth management platform that combines portfolio performance tracking, financial planning tools, projections and benchmarking into one powerful solution, making it easy to follow the money.


WAY2VAT – Fully Automated VAT Reclaim for business

WAY2VAT is the only company providing a fully automated end-to-end VAT reclaim solution for global companies. WAY2VAT’s patented AI technology allows business travelers to scan travel invoices with their smartphones for automated reporting and reimbursement, and issue comprehensive travel reports at the end of their trip. WAY2VAT’s solution is currently used by more than 180 enterprise companies worldwide, including Amdocs, MasterCard, Kimberly-Clark, Hitachi ABB, Daily Mail Group, Sage, Falck, Boston Red Sox, and Foot Locker Europe.
Public (ASX).


Paygilant – Frictionless fraud prevention for Fintech

With mobile payments becoming the new normal, Banks, eCommerce and online payment providers are pressed to create a new benchmark of safety for digital money transfers. Paygilant’s authentication and mobile fraud prevention solution protects the entire customer journey, and detects fraudulent transactions from app download to ongoing transactions, while providing a seamless user experience that builds customers’ confidence and earns their trust.

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CreedNZ – Transforming Financial Security, Revolutionizing Transaction Risk

Creednz is an Israeli based Fin-Cyber startup aiming to secure financial transactions against a variety of accounts-fraud related activities. Creednz was founded by two cybersecurity veterans with a goal of revolutionizing the way transaction fraud or errors are mitigated. The company uses cyber-based techniques to analyze financial transaction data with the goal of minimizing risk to the organization.


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