MONETA Startups join Bank Hapoalim delegation to Silicon Vallley

Moneta contributed 5 out of 20 startups who were selected by Bank Hapoalim for this prestigious delegation

Bank Hapoalimis one of the sponsors of the first airborne hi-tech conference, together with financial newspaper Calcalist and United Airlines. The conference consist of leading Israeli startups who travel together to Silicon Valley. As part of this conference, Israeli entrepreneurs will meet with leading Hi Tech firms such as: Google, Cisco, Zinga, and many more.

Moneta startups who participated in the delegation include:

Paybox       Way2VAT      Off-LA        Finnup       Hopon

About the conference:

From Calcalist: How many startups does it take to fill a flight to San Francisco?

Dozens of leading startup entrepreneurs are joining a delegation of Israeli high tech captains for an airborne conference held by Calcalist.

Meir Orbach, Calcalist|Published: 15.03.16 , 18:21
Entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs of dozens of leading companies from Israel’s startup nation – some of which have chalked up groundbreaking global developments – will participate in an airborne tech convention held by Calcalist, Bank Hapoalim and United Airlines, on April 5, 2016.

The event will take part en route to San Francisco and continue in Silicon Valley where participants will take part in a series of events and visits to some of the Valley’s leading tech companies. Iconic chairman of Cisco, John Chambers, will host one of the events as well. Publisher and founder of CalcalistYoelEsteron said “this airborne tech convention is aiming at strengthening the ties between Israel’s tech community and Silicon Valley”.