MONETA Seeds invests in Espresa – Powering Google-Like employee perks on a revolutionary Saas platform

Tel Aviv, Israel, October, 30th, 2016 /– News release by Moneta Seeds Ltd.
Moneta Seeds announced today the closing of its investment in Espresa, a Silicon Valley based SaaS startup, that develop a first of a kind Cloud platform and vendor network for workplace services to attract and retain employees, and increase productivity along with SAAS capabilities that include access control, payment, provisioning, scheduling, security, support and transaction management. The company that started up in June 2015, is already deployed by some of the largest corporation’s in the US.

Espresa( was founded by a team of Silicon Valley serial entrepreneurs who have previously founded very successful startups that went public or got acquired by the world’s largest tech giants (i.e. Google, Synopsys). The Espresa’ platform answers the need by corporations to provide their employees with a large variety of on-site services that will create a great workplace environment. Espresa’ Cloud back-end is supported by a web and mobile clients that allow employees to chose from a large arsenal of on-site services, all guaranteed by Espresa for quality, availability and cost. Enjoying the economy of scale, Espresa is managing a large vendor network with 100’s of independent service providers who are providing the services to large firms (that were out of their reach before), under the Espresa brand name.

Moneta’s investment followed the evaluation and an initial commercial deployment of Espresa’s service by some of the largest firms in the US. The investment in Espresa follows Moneta fund’s focus on best of breed Enterprise SW financial/commerce innovation.
About Moneta
Moneta Seeds is a Venture Capital firm that invests in Financial & Commerce Technology startups and help them become successful companies. Moneta specializes in identifying leading teams very early in their venture life cycle and support them across all stages of their venture development. Moneta’s added value is manifested by major Strategic Partnerships with world leading Banks and Insurance firms who are co-investing with the fund and support its portfolio.

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