Moneta Seeds II Invests in PrettyDamnQuick (PDQ): Revolutionizing the delivery system on e-commerce platforms.

[Tel Aviv, November 1st 2022] – Moneta VC, a renowned venture capital firm specializing in fintech investments, is thrilled to announce its recent investment in PrettyDamnQuick (PDQ), a cutting-edge fintech/ecommerce startup that is transforming the way transactions are managed on e-commerce platforms such as Shopify. PDQ offers an integrated “Amazon Prime” style experience at the checkout stage, based on deep touch with the inventory management subsystems and the delivery  chains, thus providing unparalleled service levels for e-commerce clients.

PDQ addresses a long-standing advantage held by industry giants such as Amazon and Alibaba, who have leveraged their logistic systems to offer tiered delivery services generating additional high-margin revenue streams that often surpass those of the product being sold. By integrating delivery options into the checkout process, and by tightly integrating delivery with the inventory systems, the Giant Tech companies have established themselves as role models in the ecomm industry. However, many merchants, especially SMEs and SMBs, have been unable to replicate this model due to limited control over their inventory management systems which are loosely coupled with the delivery schemes. PDQ identified this pain point and has developed an exceptional SaaS  solution which brings the service level to that of Amazon, and is tailored specifically for SMBs and SMEs. With PDQ, merchants can offer ecomm clients a tiered shipping features such as time of delivery, Scheme (i.e. Refrige delivery, hand delivery), all priced according to the SLA required.  

The total available market for ecommerce supply chain management software is estimated at $18 billion annually, with the SMB/SME segment in the US and Europe alone accounting for $7 billion. Since 2016, this segment has experienced a steady compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5%. While there are already a few emerging companies in this space, such as Shippo, Sendcloud, and Bringg, Moneta VC firmly believes that PDQ has the best technology  and is poised to become an industry leader.

Founded by Avi Moskowitz and Liran Erez, two talented entrepreneurs with prior experience in the supply chain domain, PDQ successfully launched its product in mid 2022. Since then, PDQ has onboarded an impressive roster of 65 clients, operating both in Israel and the United States.

“Partnering with PrettyDamnQuick is an exciting opportunity as they revolutionize the supply chains for ecommerce merchants,” said Adoram Gaash, Managing Partner at Moneta VC. “PDQ’s innovative approach and the expertise of its founders position the company for significant success in the rapidly evolving e-commerce supply chain management sector.”

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