Moneta Seeds II Invests in Obol: Revolutionizing Cashflow Management for Mid-Market Enterprises.

[Tel Aviv, July 1st 2023] – Moneta VC, a leading venture capital firm specializing in fintech investments, announced today its investment in Obol, a cutting-edge software platform designed for treasury departments of mid-market enterprises. Obol’s innovative solution automates cashflow management, seamlessly connecting financial ERPs and bank accounts via Open banking APIs.

The role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is evolving rapidly, with automation of financial processes becoming a top priority. Obol is at the forefront of this transformation, providing CFOs with real-time analysis tools and utilizing data from various sources. In fact, Bain Capital refers to this trend as “wave 3.0” of the CFO stack, where forward-thinking companies offer advanced analytics solutions to optimize financial decision-making.

The global Treasury Management Systems (TMS) market is set to experience exponential growth, projected to nearly double in the next decade. According to recent market research, the TMS market is expected to reach $8 billion annually by 2030, up from $4.8 billion in 2021.

Obol was founded by a dynamic team of industry experts. Michael Shomer, a talented business entrepreneur,. Yarden As, a brilliant AI researcher specializing in optimization algorithms,. Or Mizrachi, a passionate COO, rounds out the team with extensive operational experience.

Since its inception 18 months ago, Obol has been focused on developing its minimum viable product (MVP), which has already attracted several key clients. By automating one of the most critical functions within enterprises—the management of cashflow—Obol is empowering finance teams to streamline operations, optimize liquidity, and make data-driven decisions with greater efficiency.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Obol as they revolutionize FPNA (Financial Planning and Analysis) for mid-market enterprises,” said Adoram Gaash, Managing Partner at Moneta VC. “Obol’s innovative platform, coupled with the passion of its talented founders, positions the company for tremendous success in the evolving landscape of Automating the Office of the CFO.”

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