MONETA leads an investment in Hopon. Bank Hapoalim joins the round as part of its strategic co-investment partnership with Moneta

Moneta management company has announced today the closing of its investment in mass transportation mobile ticketing & payment, – Hopon. Hopon (, an advanced mobile ticketing solution for the public transportation industry. It can be easily integrated into every form of public transit: buses, trams, trains, metros and bike-share systems. The product consists of a secured, wireless mobile payment and ticket validation technology, which enables passengers to buy tickets anywhere and anytime, and seamlessly check-in and out the bus drive without any user intervention. Hopon is based on a patent pending wireless ultrasonic system that may integrate with all existing ticketing system which might be in use. Hopon’s solution is currently installed in hundreds of buses with one of israel’s largest Bus companies: Dan, who has invested in Hopon alongside being a design partner and 1st client of its product.
As part of the investment, Moneta manager –Meirav Har Noy, has joined the Board of Directors.