MONETA Capital invests in Neura

MONETA Capital invests in Neura


Real-time engagement solutions for B2C brands

Tel Aviv, Israel, July 1st2019 /– News release by Moneta Capital.

Moneta Capital announced today the closing of its investment in Neura, a Data Science company, that has developed a technology for analyzing customers’ habits and patterns in the real world. The technology enables B2C brands such as Financial Service providers, Insurers, Healthcare, etc. to adjust their services to their customers’ activities in real-time.

Neura’s solution collects real-time sensory data, such as geolocation, Wifi connections, mobile phone’s movements and more, directly from the customer and their IoT devices, and transforms this data into actionable insights on customer’s preferences, needs, and lifestyle. Neura adds a unique data layer for the profile of each customer – data from the physical world that allow B2C brands understand not just who their customer is, but more importantly, at what phase of his daily activity he is at every moment. These real-time insights improve the quality of interactions with the customers by an order of magnitude.

About the Market: As of today, two-thirds of the world’s population is connected by mobile devices. The average American spends more than 10 hours a day on their smartphone, over six hours more than the average time they spend watching television (Nielsen). Paying attention to these trends, brands have begun using mobile devices to engage with their customers. Accordingly, the mobile engagement market is projected to grow significantly – from $4.44B in 2017 to $38.70B by 2023, representing a 43.46% CAGR (MarketsandMarkets).

As part of the investment, Meirav Har Noy from Monetawas nominated a member of the Board of Directors.

About Moneta VC

MonetaVenture Capital is managing 2 parallel funds: an early-stage fund–Moneta Seeds, and a revenue stage fund–Moneta Capital. Moneta focuses on AI, Fintech, and Insuretech and its portfolio companies are integrated into the world’s largest Banks, Financial institutions and Insurance firms. Moneta’smain added value consists of its Strategic Partnerships with world-leading Banks and Insurance firms who are co-investing with Moneta and support its portfolio as design partners and clients.

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