MONETA Capital invests in Insurify

Compare insurance quotes all in one place

Moneta Capital announced today the closing of its investment in Insurify, an online insurance comparison platform designed to optimize the insurance purchasing process. Insurify aims to help people find the coverage that they need, online, at a fair price. The company leverages predictive modeling and advanced analytics to match potential customers with the most suitable and recommended policies. Originally used to compare auto insurance, Insurify’s platform has now expanded into home and life insurance policies as well.

The company was founded in 2013 by Snejina and Giorgos Zacharia, who bring with them an exceptional experience in insurance and in building internet companies. Giorgos Zacharia, Insurify’s co-founder, focused his PhD at MIT on internet search technologies, and he currently serves as the CTO of KAYAK, the world’s leading travel comparison engine. Snejina Zacharia, Insurify’s co-founder and CEO, is an insurance expert who headed the insurance sector at Gartner prior to founding Insurify.

About the Market

The last three years have witnessed a major change in purchasing habits by US insurance shoppers. In the last decade, the number of Americans who bought insurance online has tripled. Even so, consumers still lack the ability to compare insurance policies by their price and relevancy. On the other hand, many incumbent carriers lack digital capabilities that will allow users to purchase their policies online. Insurify is closing these gaps in a single platform.

As part of the investment, Adoram Gaash from Moneta has joined the Board as an observer.

About Moneta VC

Moneta Venture Capital is managing 2 parallel funds: an early stage fund – Moneta Seeds, and a revenue stage fund – Moneta Capital. Moneta focuses on AI, Fintech and Insuretech and its portfolio companies are integrated in the world’s largest Banks, Financial institutions and Insurance firms. Moneta’s main added value consists of its Strategic Partnerships with world leading Banks and Insurance firms who are co-investing with Moneta and support its portfolio as design partners and clients.

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