Our mission

Our mission is to invest in solutions that push the boundaries of the global fintech industry in new and exciting ways. Specifically, we’re looking for innovative startups who focus on meeting the needs created by the digital transformation of the financial services industry. Some of our special areas of interest include Credit Risk, Trade and Investment, Anti-Fraud, Actuary, and Blockchain.

Our investment strategy

Leveraging our professional network, we connect our founders’ drive and passion with our partners’ hard-won experience and business expertise.

As highly involved investors, we work with you to identify the areas where our experience can make the biggest difference: from due diligence to post-investment strategy, team building, fund raising, or landing your first client.

Here, at Moneta, we’re not bankers; we’re builders. Just like you, we were once on the journey to start our own companies, and we know first-hand what it’s like to raise money for an idea that’s ahead of its time. As professionals who have been around the block, we understand the inner workings of finance, operations, engineering and marketing, and how to keep your efforts on track. We’ve applied this expertise 100s of times before, and have the experience to help other CEOs plan for and conquer their goals, too.

Our team - It's all about the people

Moneta’s team consists of super talented professionals with many years of experience in the Tech startups’ industry.

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