Gaviti is offering an AI-based Automated Account Receivable (AR) management Platform

  Tel Aviv, March 8th, 2021 | Moneta VC team. Moneta Seeds-II announced today the closing of its investment in Gaviti, an Israeli startup that offers an automated receivable management solution which helps businesses improve cash-flow, reduce DSO and increase financial productivity. Gaviti’s platform enables enterprises to get more of their invoices paid faster based on a fully Automated workflow and a seamless integration to any ERP system. Gaviti is experiencing an exponential growth of its platform’s adoption and is already in use by customers in the USA and Europe.

B2B sales made on credit has become a common practice and according to a report by Atradius, the average payment term on credit based payment is 38 days. Moreover, 43% of all invoices are paid past due, in addition to 4% of the invoices which are written off (never paid). The inability to collect timely payments has a significant impact on cash flow and impacts business operations and financial stability. Managing cash flows has become particularly important in times of COVID-19 which adversely affected businesses of all sizes and industries.

The underserved AR collection domain has led Yan Lazarev and Alex Komarovsky, the founders of Gaviti, to develop a first-of-its-kind, AI-driven AR management platform that automates the entire collection workflow. Gaviti was founded in 2018, and since then it gained its recognition as the ideal AR Automation software for the unique needs of SMBs and Mid-Market businesses: its customers are experiencing accelerated cash flows, a major decrease in DSO and a drop in delinquencies.

As part of the investment, Adoram Gaash from Moneta has joined the Board as an observer.

About Moneta VC

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